Who I Am

Children's Author & Illustrator

Areas of special interest:

  • Biographies of badass women and unsung everyday heroes.

  • Stories about animals and science, especially the gross bits (I’ve published articles on Poop and Slugs among other things).

  • Book covers and interiors rock my world. 


Editor & Writing Coach

I find this is an excellent way to procrastinate on my own writing. I’d love to help you find your voice and write the story that’s on your heart.

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What You'll Find Here

Writing Stuff

All kinds of goodies for children's authors--writing prompts, tips, tricks, challenges, and tutorials.

Art Stuff

My process, favorite tools, products, and more!

Kid Lit Book Reviews and News

There is nothing I love more than talking about children's books. In my former life as a bookseller/book buyer for my local indie bookstore (check them out here), a request for a no-vampires-dragons-or-kissing-but-with-a-kickass-girl-historical-mysterymade my day and still does (Answer BTW: The Agencyby Y. S. Lee).

My Button Box

Let’s be honest, the creative life isn’t always about riding that inspiration high. Most of the time it’s damn hard work. It takes a lot of courage to do what we do and some days can get pretty dark.

I hate using the words Depression and Anxiety. I know there is value in using proper labels for things but when I'm there, in that place, I find those words very defeating. So, I prefer to say "I'm missing some buttons" or, if things are particularly bad, "My Dark Passenger is fucking with me" (thank you Dexter).

My Button Box is where I’ve collected things that help when it's dark. Need a few buttons of your own? Please, help yourself!

Wow, Still With Me?

Here's some TMI about me. In my previous lives I may or may not have...

  • Eaten goose poop because my brother told me it was candy (I was two!). I wouldn't recommend it.

  • Had seven siblings. Also wouldn't recommend it. Why? Please see previous line.

  • Had an extreme fascination with the Banana Slug. Okay, I still do.

  • Been a foster mama to five children, who will forever carry a piece of my heart (and my sanity).

  • Lived in a travel trailer for four years, melted snow for water, used a bucket for a toilet, shared my underwear drawer (and every other drawer for that matter) with field mice, while building a house with my own hands in the middle of the wilderness. Why? I forget.

  • Been a duck wrangler, rabbit whisperer, and goat midwife.

For the one person who read this far: You are a saint. Here, have a manatee.

Thanks so much for being a Fan! 

Sharing my work is a great way to show your Love and help me stay fed and clothed, but please remember to give me Credit and Link back here.

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